Is Your Neighborhood Planning A Fourth Of July Celebration?

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Are you the president of your homeowner's association? Maybe you are simply a committee member who is working on plans for your annual Fourth of July celebration. Are you going to keep with tradition and just duplicate past year's Fourth of July activities? If that' your plan, you probably don't need to read on. However, if you are looking for new ideas, from arranging for a marching band to including a baseball game as part of the festivities, here are some ideas that might help you.

Arrange For A Marching Band - In the past, has your Fourth of July parade simply consisted of little kids and others riding tricycles and bikes that they've decorated? Maybe you were lucky enough to have people in your community who were willing to drive their vintage cars as part of the parade. While those are great things to have in a parade, consider making this year's parade a more memorable one. Arrange for a marching band to be part of your parade.

Maybe you are the band director at one of your local schools. If so, you will more than likely have no problem at all finding kids who will be happy to play their band instruments in your neighborhood's Fourth of July parade. If you aren't a band director, don't fret. Think of going to the band director at one of the local schools, maybe the one your children attend, and asking him or her to help you out. 

A band teacher or marching band arranger will be able to provide the patriotic music that will delight those who go to the parade. Maybe the kids will even wear their band uniforms. If not, think of asking them to wear red, white, and blue in honor of the event. 

​Add A Baseball Game - In the past, maybe your neighborhood's Fourth of July celebration included things like face painting, three-legged races, and other fun games. Of course, you will probably want to keep those, as folks might be disappointed if you break with tradition. However, have you thought of adding a baseball game to the fun?

Consider forming two teams. One of the teams will consist of people in your neighborhood who are from the south. And obviously, the other team will be made up of people from the northern states. Some fun competition might result, especially if husbands and wives are from different parts of the country. 

Think of having the baseball game late in the afternoon when the day has cooled off a bit. Then end the day with your traditional fireworks, a great way for everybody to be friends again.