Stop Losing Your Guitar Picks With These Three Strategies

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The small, lightweight nature of guitar picks makes them easy to play with, but often difficult to keep – especially when you're a new player. If you're new enough to playing this instrument that you haven't started to implement ways to prevent losing your guitar picks, you'll often find yourself reaching into your pocket for a pick, only to find that it's no longer there. Keeping your guitar picks on hand is about more than just remembering where you put them. Here are some specific ways to avoid losing your picks.

Two-Sided Tape

Two-sided tape has a number of useful applications around the house, but guitarists know that a roll of this style of tape becomes a valuable ally in keeping your guitar picks secure. Two-sided tape is easy to apply, which means you can place it in a desired location, affix your picks to it and they'll be there whenever you need them. Place a thin strip of the two-sided tape to the top edge, bottom edge or the back of your guitar's headstock and stick the picks to the tape. The tape won't damage the instrument's finish and your picks will always be within reach. An alternate location is to affix the tape to the front of your amplifier and hold your picks in this spot.

Microphone Stand Holder

If you watch guitar players perform live, you'll often notice that they keep several of their picks in a holder attached to their microphone stand. This rubber holder pinches the picks tightly enough to hold them in place but lightly enough to allow you to grab a pick quickly. While it's true that you might not have a microphone stand if you're a beginner player, you'll often have a floor stand for your instrument. These holders are also ideal for attaching to the upright bar of your floor stand.

Small Pick Holder

Most guitar stores sell small pick holders in a variety of styles. A common style is slightly larger than a pick, made of plastic and contains a spring-loaded device inside. As you slide picks into the holder, they push down the spring-loaded device and you can stack several picks in this manner. When you need to retrieve one, you can quickly slide out the top pick. Many of these holders have a mounting pad on the rear, which means that you can stick the holder to the back of your guitar or your amplifier. Talk to a supplier, like DG Inc, for more help.