Tips For Creating A Truly Memorable Pat Benatar Tribute Band

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Creating a tribute band to the one and only Pat Benatar is a great way to honor her work and contribution to the world of rock music. When forming your band, you'll want to make sure that not only your members are on board with your vision but that your audience is truly engaged with you as well. Here are just a few ways you can set up your tribute band for success and create a fan following like no other. 

Giving Fans What They Want

When it comes to creating a truly memorable tribute band, the best place to look for inspiration is in the fans themselves. After all, without a plethora of diehard fans, a following would not exist! Pay attention to what your fans love most about Pat Benatar and find out what would drive them to seek out a tribute band in the first place. Getting on social media is an excellent way to reach out to your fans to ask these questions which can include a variety of topics. Pat Benatar's vocal style, the rock genre, her fashion, and even the way she styles her hair can all be topics of conversation to discover what your fans want to see the most of at your shows. 

What Songs Speak to You?

Choosing a set list that will drive fans wild is a crucial element to putting on a great show. While you'll naturally hit the classics that all fans love, consider adding in lesser-known songs that speak to who your band is. A fantastic way of doing this is to assign songs to individual band members. Consider their personalities and what they love most about Pat Benatar when choosing a song that you think speaks most to who they are. This is a wonderful way for your bandmates to fall even more in love with Pat Benatar's music as well as giving your fans a chance to learn more about the band itself. 

Going All Out

Don't forget to go all out! Put on a show that will leave fans dazzled. Set design, a set list that speaks to your audience, costumes, hair and makeup, atmosphere, and which venues you choose will all play a part in the making of your tribute band's following. Choose songs and choreography that get the band connected and having fun. Study dance moves from Pat Benatar music videos and moves that were also iconic at that time to incorporate into your show to amaze your audience. Once your band has a great time onstage, the energy will organically flow to your audience leading to a show nobody will forget.

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