4 Things You Should Know About Piano Tuning

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Pianos are beautiful, classical instruments that can be used to play everything from romantic etudes to modern jazz. Accomplished musicians and beginners alike can enjoy playing the piano, but like other instruments, pianos sound best when they are in tune. Pianos can be difficult to tune without proper training, so it's usually best to have a professional tune your piano. Here are four things you should know about piano tuning:

1. Pianos that are played frequently need to be tuned often.

Playing the piano every day is a great way to improve your skills. However, pianos that are played often also need to be tuned regularly. A well-tuned piano is a joy to play, allowing each note to ring true. Having your piano tuned regularly can help you avoid the expense of needing to restring your piano prematurely.

2. All pianos should be tuned at least once a year.

Some people seldom play their pianos, keeping them mostly as decorative pieces. However, this doesn't mean that you can get away with never tuning your piano. Even pianos that are rarely tuned should be serviced at least once a year, according to Yamaha. Annual tunings will keep your piano in good condition and ensure that it is easy to tune in the future if you ever do develop a greater music playing habit.

3. Piano should be tuned in extreme temperatures.

Most instruments fare best when stored in cool, dry places, and pianos are no exception. Heat can cause the wood of pianos to buckle and warp. It can also cause piano strings to sag or grow taut, which can detune the piano and degrade the strings. If your piano is regularly exposed to high heat or extreme cold or if your piano regularly experiences temperature fluctuations, it's important to have it professionally tuned more often.

4. Pianos must be tuned after they are moved.

Pianos are wonderful investments that most people plan to hang onto for a lifetime. If you must move, it makes sense to take your piano with you. However, moving can cause a previously well-tuned piano to go out of tune. This happens because a piano's strings are stretched and jostled when a piano is moved. You should call a piano tuning service whenever you move your instrument to a new house or apartment. You may even want to have your piano tuned if you move it into another room in your house.

For more information, contact a piano tuning services company.