The Tertiary Benefits That Learning The Piano Teaches Children

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While learning the piano in and of itself is a great skill to have, and one that is increasingly useful in music production with so many different synthesizers and electronic keyboards now used, there are other benefits to pianos as well. If you are tossing up which instrument you want your child to learn, or perhaps are weighing up whether you should enroll them in extra-curricular piano lessons or just leave it to regular school band, then here are a few tertiary skills they can learn from this process that will ensure you don't regret your decision.

Repetition Breeds Perfection

Pianos are easy to learn but hard to master because you can learn a simple tune in a day but could spend your whole life trying to write a complex yet beautiful composition. The more you play, the better you become, especially when you have the guidance of private piano mentors. Their guidance can help children remain focused where school bands can be a bit more hectic and out of control. The benefits your child will see from these private piano lessons will help them learn from a young age that practice is so important to breed perfection in all areas of life.

Transfer Knowledge To Other Stringed Instruments

While the debate on whether the piano is a string or percussion instrument rages to this day, there is no doubt that those who learn the piano find it easier to learn other stringed instruments such as acoustic guitar or bass. The chords and melodies are almost the same, and they sound very similar when played, which makes it all the more familiar to those coming from a piano background. If your child is musically inclined, and you know they will want to learn more in the future, then why not give them a great foundation for this journey with piano lessons. 

Touch Typing

Computers are used in nearly every job now, and throughout schooling and college as well, which means that learning to type is vital for all children. Touch typing not only gives your children a competitive edge and lets them finish tasks earlier, but it is a skill they will most likely use for the rest of their lives. Playing the piano helps teach them that finger coordination and muscle memory that they will need to be able to type several words a minute without having to look down at the keys even once, which will speed up their essay writing considerably if nothing else!

If you are interested in enrolling your child in piano lessons, contact a local mentor near you.