Best Online High School Guitar Class?

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If you're looking for an online guitar class, chances are, your child's school was affected by the coronavirus. With the effects of COVID-19 still affecting America, many classes have moved to online teaching. This includes colleges all the way down to elementary schools. Along with primary education, many of children's favorite summer activities such as dance, gymnastics, and music have also moved online. Taking an online course is a smart choice, whether your child wants to catch up or get ahead. As you look to enroll your child in a high school guitar class, there are specific qualities to look for in a school: availability, credits, pricing, and school accreditation.


The first step in deciding on a guitar class is to see which schools are enrolling. Some summer schools are closed, others have reopened, but with very limited options due to reduced staffing. The process for checking enrollment availability for summer schools is easy though. Most schools list their courses in a catalog on their website. You can easily find courses for high school students using their search engine option, specifying the age group and the class type. Many guitar classes are listed under a "Music" category. And for the summer music schools, you will be able to find guitar classes listed by skill level.

The convenience of online classes is that the teacher can accommodate more students because physical space is not an issue. That being said, classes are not unlimited and can only take a specified number of students. As you research specific classes, you will be able to see whether a class is available and how many students can enroll.


Schools listed on course catalogs will show you the name of the class, the grade level, and also the number of credits a student can earn. Be mindful of the number of credits your child requires because that will affect pricing and length for the course. On average, courses are worth .5 credit and operate for the duration of the summer.

Classes that offer fewer credits will operate for a shorter time and be cheaper. Classes that are more expensive will potentially run for a shorter duration but will offer a much more intense learning experience.


Be sure to have a budget outlined as you search online for a guitar class. Music classes require payment for instructors, enrollment, and music equipment. This excludes the pricing necessary for technology such as having a computer to attend the class virtually. Summer schooling can be expensive, but if you pick an affordable program that still delivers high quality, you can avoid paying extra money. As you search for guitar class availability, note that many schools conveniently list their prices alongside the class. 

Class prices will vary by the hour and will be more expensive for more advanced lessons.

School Accreditation

Schools that receive accreditation have met a standard of requirements based on a curriculum provided by another organization such as the National Commission of Certifying Agencies. Not all schools that provide quality teaching in-person translate as well online. If you find a school that is accredited, then they have met at least a minimum expectation of education requirements. This is important because schools that are accredited are likely to offer courses with credits that your child can use towards their education.

Time For Class

Once you find an accredited high school guitar class, you'll know that you have found a program that has high standards for its students. Using the aforementioned criteria, you will be able to shrink your potential list of schools to just one. Then it's time to enroll.

For more information, reach out to a school that offers accredited high school guitar classes.