Three Topics To Cover When You're Hiring A Children's Music Performer

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Hiring a children's music performer to put on a show at your child's birthday party can create indelible memories that last for years for your child and his or her peers. If you live in an area that is serviced by a variety of different children's music performers, it's ideal to browse each artist's website, look online for sample videos of past performances and, ultimately, call each musician and ask a series of questions that will help you decide who to hire. In addition to your standard questions about show length, schedule availability and price, be sure to cover these three topics, too.

Ideal Performance Age

Skilled children's music performers will have elements in their act -- or different acts entirely -- that cater to children of various ages. While it's important to ensure that the act will suit children of your child's age, it's also important to ascertain if it's appropriate for children who are younger or older. Although children's parties often have the bulk of attendees around the same age, there might be older or younger siblings and cousins in attendance. You don't want older kids to be bored by the performance or younger kids to not understand it. Ensure that the performer can clearly explain how his or her act will suit the ages of all the children in attendance.

Audience Involvement

It's useful to get a rundown of how the entertainer plans to involve the audience at your event. Children's musical performances often rely on call-and-response songs with the group, but many performers also keep the audience engaged by calling up children to play various instruments -- often of the homemade variety. This sort of performance can delight the children and keep everyone engaged. Think, too about your child's personality. Will he or she be embarrassed to perform in front of others? How will the performer make the child feel comfortable? Covering these topics can help you feel confident that you're hiring the right person.

Adaptability To Party Theme

If the party you're hosting has a specific theme, it can be fun to see if the performer can tailor his or her show around that theme. Whether it's a pirate theme, a superhero theme or a princess theme, does that musician have songs in the repertoire that are suitable? Can he or she dress in a specific manner that supports the theme? Many children love themed parties and having a performer fit right in will be fun for your child.