3 BIG Things Every Vehicle Owner Looking For A Killer Sound System Must Know

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When a car has a good sound system, coasting down the road with good sound radiating from the windows, every bystander takes notice. If you are desperately wanting to turn a few heads with your system and enjoy music inside of your car that carries you away, installing a good system is the only option. However, shopping for and installing a supreme car stereo and sound system requires some knowledge. Here are a few things that you should know if you want a killer sound system in your ride. 

It may be all about the bass, but...

Don't forget about the treble! A hard-hitting system sounds good, but a hard-hitting system with clear treble to even out the tone is much less groggy and muffled. Make sure when you are in the process of installing speakers, amps, and equalizers, you go for equipment that is going to offer you a fair amount of treble along with the thumping bass that you are trying to achieve. Otherwise, what you will end up with is a lot of beat, but sound that is not as enjoyable or clear as it should be. 

Bells and whistles aren't always "all that" when it comes to car stereos. 

When you're shopping for a car stereo system, you will be enamored, mystified, and even downright surprised to see some of the more modern bells and whistles that these audio machines can come with right out of the box. You may be tempted to go for a touchscreen, LCD, Wi-fi capable, built-in equalizer, remote-controlled, flashing knob, auto-tuning capable stereo (after all, who wouldn't, right?), but all of these extra features may not be worth what you pay for them. These features sound good, but realistically, when you will be operating our stereo the most while you are driving, a lot of them will barely get any attention. Plus, a lot of extra features can drive up the price of not just the stereo equipment, but the installation costs as well if you have to pay a pro for car stereo installation. 

The sound of madness is actually just the sound of static. 

If you really want to go mad, lock yourself in a car with a stereo system that has been improperly installed for about an hour. From static-filled tunes to skipping and poor audio quality, all of this is an example of why springing for professional installation is a good idea. You may think that the process looks pretty straightforward by watching a few videos, but installing an entire system can get really complex, involving wiring harnesses, crossovers, and even removing the entire dash of your vehicle in some cases. And, with one little thing out of place, you could easily be facing the sound of madness--and not in a cool, rock-n-roll kind of way. 

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